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Word Example of - arm

Example Sentences for arm

Her eyes brightened and she placed a soft hand upon his arm.

Then he grasped young Robins by the arm and rushed with him from the hall.

Yes do, give me your arm; we will go into the cloisters and talk there.

The two hombres shot the sheriff in the arm before he located them and got away.

Guide my arm and my heart and don't let me be afraid to die or to make her die.

She put her arm within his, and anxiously inquired whether he was not unwell.

Duffield got back his foot, and Hooker got his arm once more over the door.

And he at once offered his arm to Margaret, bestowing a meaning smile on Hester.

She was about to leave the room when he again laid his hand on her arm.

"How are——" He hesitated, but she knew just what he meant, and patted his arm gratefully.

Word Origin & History of - arm

    Word Origin & History

    arm "body part," O.E. earm "arm," from P.Gmc. *armaz (cf. O.S., M.Du., Ger. arm, O.N. armr, O.Fris. erm), from PIE base *ar- "fit, join" (cf. Skt. irmah "arm," Armenian armukn "elbow," O.Prus. irmo "arm," Gk. arthron "a joint," L. armus "shoulder"). Arm of the sea was in O.E. Arm-twister "powerful persuader" is from 1938. Arm-wrestling is from 1971."They wenten arme in arme yfere Into the gardyn" [Chaucer]

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