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Word Example of - armpit

Example Sentences for armpit

At intervals she took Hattie's temperature, placing the clinical thermometer in the armpit.

Clothaire then seized the elder of the children and stabbed him under the armpit.

He kicked out, his foot catching Scotty under the armpit, breaking his hold.

It is evident that the apex has descended and is turned toward the armpit.

That is a Frenchified word from the Arabic, meaning "armpit," because this star marks the right shoulder of Orion.

The witness resisted, but the sleeves were drawn up to the armpit.

One of them sat down with a grunt on the threshold, holding his hand to a bleeding wound under his armpit.

He fitted the stock of the weapon into his armpit, and raised the barrel.

With one mailed hand he held her fast under the armpit, with the other he held a fidgety sword.

His note-book was tucked in his armpit and he was rubbing his hands delightedly.

Word Origin & History of - armpit

    Word Origin & History

    armpit c.1400, from arm (1) + pit. Arm-hole (late 14c.) was used in this sense but was obsolete by 18c. Colloquial armpit of the nation for any locale regarded as ugly and disgusting was in use by 1965

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The Synonym of - armpit (noun)

The Definition of - armpit (noun)

    the hollow under the arm at the shoulder; axilla.