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Word Example of - artery

Example Sentences for artery

If the blood comes out in spurts, it is from an artery; but if it flows steadily, it is from a vein.

The ulnar, both of which ought to be rather to the inside of the artery.

Ordinarily the rupture of an artery on one side of the brain causes a paralysis on the other side of the body.

It is unsafe, as approaching so close to the artery and veins.

Strip the arm, feel for the artery, a little below the arm-pit, just inside of the large muscle.

It seems to be as applicable to the dilatation of the heart, as to that of an artery.

That was to be its last resting-place, its last halt, after its voyage of eight hundred leagues on the great Brazilian artery.

If the hemorrhage is from an artery the blood is bright red.

The amputations were my greatest dread, lest I might displace bandages and set an artery bleeding.

It went, the doctor said, within a hair's-breadth of the artery.

Word Origin & History of - artery

    Word Origin & History

    artery late 14c., from O.Fr. artaire (13c.; ModFr. artère), from L. arteria, from Gk. arteria "windpipe," also "an artery," as distinct from a vein; related to aeirein "to raise" (see aorta). They were regarded by the ancients as air ducts because the arteries do not contain blood after death; medieval writers took them for the channels of the "vital spirits." The word is used of major rivers from 1805; of railways from 1850.

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The Definition of - artery (noun)

    noun, plural arteries.
    Anatomy. a blood vessel that conveys blood from the heart to any part of the body.
    a main channel or highway, especially of a connected system with many branches.