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Word Example of - ash

Example Sentences for ash

The ash sticks in the waist-boat were doing their best, as the loud "Ay, ay!"

"I'm absolutely out of it, Pinto," he said, flicking the ash of his cigar into the fireplace.

"That was very sensible of you," she declared knocking the ash from her cigarette.

Dr. Bruce leant back in his seat, and flicked the ash off his cigar.

I bring you a little child, whom I have found within our ash.

This was continuous with the ash bed, though apparently not a part of it.

Henry wasn't with the car, at that moment, but was hoofing it into Ash Fork from the hills, glad to have his scalp with him.

Beech and ash and elm are started there—dogwoods and hawthorns and lilacs.

A deep loam is the most favourable soil for the growth of the Spanish chestnut and ash.

The receptacle was filled with the ash of punk and charcoal.

Word Origin & History of - ash

    Word Origin & History

    ash "powdery remains of fire," O.E. æsce "ash," from P.Gmc. *askon (cf. O.N. aska, O.H.G. asca, Ger. asche, Goth. azgo "ashes"), from PIE base *as- "to burn" (cf. Skt. asah "ashes, dust," Arm. azazem "I dry up," Gk. azein "to dry up, parch"). Symbol of grief or repentance; hence Ash Wednesday (c.1300), from custom introduced by Pope Gregory the Great of sprinkling ashes on the heads of penitents on the first day of Lent. Meaning "mortal remains of a person" is late 13c., in reference to the ancient custom of cremation.

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