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What is the meaning of asleep in English? What asleep means? How do you use the word asleep? What is another word for asleep? What is the opposite of asleep?

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Word Example of - asleep

Example Sentences for asleep

Noémi took Michael's arm and led him into the room where the boy was asleep.

Did you suppose I was asleep there, or writing poetry all alone, or what?

Then you were pretending to be asleep when I entered your room?

Maria lay still, as if asleep, but wide awake and listening.

I soon tuk aff me, an' was asleep in no time; but in less than half an hour I had a most wonderful drame.

Accordingly he pretended he was asleep, but he was really awake.

It was there all day long now; and even when she was asleep it still lurked in the corner of her mouth.

The hour was very late, close upon midnight, and yet the city was not asleep.

And if the soldiers were all asleep, can we not suggest several ways the body may have disappeared without being restored to life?

On looking down, not a human being could he see, either awake or asleep.

Word Origin & History of - asleep

    Word Origin & History

    asleep mid-12c., from O.E. on slæpe. The parallel form on sleep continued until c.1550. Of limbs, from late 14c.

The Definition of - asleep (noun)

    in or into a state of sleep:
    He fell asleep quickly.
    into a dormant or inactive state; to rest:
    Their anxieties were put asleep.
    into the state of death.
    He is asleep.
    dormant; inactive.
    (of the foot, hand, leg, etc.) numb.