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Word Example of - ass


Example Sentences for ass

If it comes to that, what sort of an ass do they think I'd be to come away out here to pass away?

He'll borrow money from any juggins who is ass enough to lend it to him.

This object swives girls enow, and fancies himself a handsome fellow, and is not condemned to the mill as an ass?

The faults of the ass should not be laid on the pack-saddle.

This man may be an ass; but hes got the Manual of Military Law behind him, and dont forget it.

The ass, as Sancho Panza rightly said, was very like his own.

Do you not know that every man has regard to himself, and to you just the same as he has regard to his ass?

Apuleius had been changed, not into a nightingale, but into an ass!

Among the domesticated animals of which they made use, the cow, the sheep, the ass and the goat may be specifically singled out.

And so should I,' the Ass replied,'I'm tired of loads of gravel.''

Word Origin & History of - ass

    Word Origin & History of - ass

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