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Word Example of - assessor

Example Sentences for assessor

The Assessor puts the question—What is the bitterest affliction?

The assessor in 1860 reported only two quartz-mills in the county.

A long while ago he was Assessor and Treasurer of the County for several successive terms.

Mrs. Gunilla and the Assessor quarrelled till the last moment.

Joey is to have the Assessor's room on the ground floor of our neighbor's house, and will come up here for lessons and meals.

In the midst of these little occurrences the Assessor came in.

I am not sure that the Assessor is not right, and that one cannot, in matters of the spirit, be too exclusive.

The Assessor shook out the "family-roof" in the hall in indignation.

Before personal property the assessor would still stand powerless.

The Assessor vanished, and Petrea hastened down to her mother and sisters.

Word Origin & History of - assessor

    Word Origin & History

    assessor late 14c., from O.Fr. assessour (12c., Mod.Fr. assesseur), from L. assessorem "an assistant judge," in L.L. "one who assesses taxes," agent noun from assidere (see assess).

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