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Similar Words: attorneyship, attorneys-in-fact, attorneys-at-law, attorneys general, attorneys at law, attorneys, attorneyism, attorneydom, attorney-in-fact

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Word Example of - attorney

Example Sentences for attorney

Raleigh—The Book was written by a man of your profession, Mr. Attorney.

"All right, all right," and the attorney turned toward the door.

In 1762, he came to London, and articled himself to an attorney in the Temple.

I had been led to think that the power of attorney in my father's hands had not been used.

Mr. Manly, my attorney will let you know the business on which I am come.

I'll instruct my attorney that you're to have free run of the place so that you can call in your story.

Present the facts in the case to the state's attorney of the county in which the crime is alleged to have been committed.

"You have no witnesses to that admission," said the attorney.

Deersfoot advanced towards the attorney, who remained as if stupified.

So it had come to pass that the attorney was not a wealthy man.

Word Origin & History of - attorney

    Word Origin & History of attorney

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The Definition of - attorney (noun)

    noun, plural attorneys.
    a lawyer; attorney-at-law.
    an attorney-in-fact; agent.