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Word Example of - aunt

Example Sentences for aunt

Your aunt must have dainties to tempt her appetite and so keep up her strength.

This is my aunt; such malice can be engendered nowhere else.

Well, you see, it's nicer here by the river, and it's cheaper too; and—how's aunt Kate?

Yet this was but a shallow artifice, unworthy of my Machiavellian aunt.

I've written Mother to persuade your aunt, and she has promised to try.

"I really must go, Aunt Helen," said Whitman, starting for the door.

"Not much chance of that," said Aunt Maria with her usual decisiveness.

Her aunt and the mechanician were sitting in the tonneau behind.

My aunt is in a fine fright lest he should not come back in time.

But she did not say much, and when aunt Madge asked her what made her so quiet, she said she was "a-thinkin'."

Word Origin & History of - aunt

    Word Origin & History

    aunt c.1300, from Anglo-Fr. aunte, from O.Fr. ante (Mod.Fr. tante, from a 13c. variant), from L. amita "paternal aunt" dim. of *amma a baby-talk or non-I.E. word for "mother" (cf. Gk. amma "mother," O.N. amma "grandmother," M.Ir. ammait "old hag," Heb. em, Arabic umm "mother"). Extended senses include "an old woman, a gossip" (1580s); "a procuress" (1670s); and "any benevolent woman," in Amer.Eng., where auntie was recorded since c.1790 as "a term often used in accosting elderly women."

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