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"babysitting Meaning"

What is the meaning of babysitting in English? What babysitting means? How do you use the word babysitting? What is another word for babysitting? What is the opposite of babysitting?

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Word Example of - babysitting

Word Example of babysitting

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Word Origin & History of - babysitting

    Word Origin & History of babysitting

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The Synonym of - babysitting (noun)

The Definition of - babysitting (noun)

    verb (used without object), baby-sat, baby-sitting.
    to take charge of a child while the parents are temporarily away.
    verb (used with object), baby-sat, baby-sitting.
    to baby-sit for (a child):
    We've placed an ad for someone to baby-sit the youngsters in the evening.
    to take watchful responsibility for; tend:
    It will be necessary for someone to baby-sit the machine until it is running properly.