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backbone Meaning in Bengali. English to Bangla online dictionary. "backbone meaning in bengali". Google Translate "backbone".

Similar Words: backbonelessness, backboneless, backboned

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Word Example of - backbone

Example Sentences for backbone

To kill without scent the backbone should be broken by a quick blow or the skunk should be drowned.

They grapple YOU like hooks of steel; because you are steel yourself to the backbone.

Then with a sharp axe, standing behind the 138 suspended beef, split it down the backbone, severing it in half.

The backbone will turn into a kayak and carry you safely to the island.

We got the backbone apart and strung the hindquarters on a stake.

She had no back, backbone, or insides, but only lungs and heart.

Creeping shudders chilled the flesh along the engineer's backbone.

His gristle is hardening into something like his stern old father's backbone.

To his right a serrated rock structure extended up over the backbone of the ridge.

For I believe that much of a man's character will be found betokened in his backbone.

Word Origin & History of - backbone

    Word Origin & History

    backbone "spine," c.1300, from back (n.) + bone. Fig. sense of "strength of character" is attested from 1843.

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The Definition of - backbone (noun)

    Anatomy. the spinal column; spine.
    strength of character; resolution.
    something resembling a backbone in appearance, position, or function.
    Bookbinding. a back or bound edge of a book; spine.
    Nautical. a rope running along the middle of an awning, as a reinforcement and as an object to which a supporting bridle or crowfoot may be attached.
    Naval Architecture. the central fore-and-aft assembly of the keel and keelson, giving longitudinal strength to the bottom of a vessel.