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Word Example of - baker

Example Sentences for baker

"By George, I forgot the fact that the card had an address on it," Baker exclaimed.

It is the equivalent of the thirteenth roll in a 'baker's dozen.'

They all returned, therefore, to Baker's Bay in no very good humor.

"Fournier, a baker, or one that keeps, or governs a common oven" (Cotgrave).

I don't intend going to see the girl at the baker's shop any more.'

They are at San Antonio—the baker, the buffoon, the two young men who dig.

After handing it over the counter she set out briskly for home, stopping at a baker's to buy three penny-worth of new buns.

Then he caught sight of Baker on the outskirts of the crowd.

As the equipage passed the Baker homestead, the whole family was clustered about the gate, staring at the occupant of the wagon.

Doctor Baker looked at the rector's wife, and a kind of flame came into his eyes.

Word Origin & History of - baker

    Word Origin & History of - baker

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