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Word Example of - balance

Example Sentences for balance

The actual decrease may be found by means of a spring balance.

The few that glare each character must mark; You balance not the many in the dark.

The fate of England probably lay in the balance at this moment, more than in 1588 or 1798.

I paid him the balance of wages due him, and we parted with a hearty shake of hands.

My friend only paid about £8 in duties, the balance of the bonded goods having to be sealed down under hatches.

He caught his balance and rested against the tree, nodding in satisfaction.

The whole fate of the Confederacy would waver in the balance on the morrow.

The handle did not seem to be long enough to balance the head.

She sprang lightly to the heap of nets, lost her balance, stumbled, and sat down very suddenly.

The balance of trade with Europe alone is more than a million a day in our favour.

Word Origin & History of - balance

    Word Origin & History

    balance late 13c., "apparatus for weighing," from O.Fr. balance (12c.) "balance, scales for weighing," also in the figurative sense; from M.L. bilancia, from L.L. bilanx (acc. bilancem), from L. (libra) bilanx "(scale) having two pans," possibly from L. bis "twice" + lanx "dish, plate, scale of a balance." The accounting sense is from 1580s; the meaning "general harmony between parts" is from 1732; sense of "physical equipoise" is from 1660s. The verb is attested from 1570s. Balance of power in the geopolitical sense is from 1701; balanced meal, diet, etc. is from 1908.

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