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Word Example of - bald

Example Sentences for bald

Now and then raising his arm by a slow, as if cautious movement, he scratched lightly the top of his bald head.

He was bald, and his hair and whiskers were sprinkled with gray.

The bald patch was out of sight, and the smile would have softened the heart of an income-tax assessor.

The minister Cromwell; you remember him—the one who was bald.

Now, every evening before leaving, he would look at his white mustache and bald head in the same mirror.

The Wizard sighed and rubbed his bald head with a puzzled air.

As observation widens and grows finer, the first bald representation becomes fuller and more life-like.

To think of the spruce Cromwell Biron got to be bald and fat!

But as soon as you get ritin a bald headed fello jumps up an says "Now fellos well all sing."

“I wish I were,” he said, and ruefully smoothed a bald patch on the top of his head.

Word Origin & History of - bald

    Word Origin & History

    bald c.1300, ballede, probably, with M.E. -ede adjectival suffix, from Celt. bal "white patch, blaze" especially on the head of a horse or other animal (from PIE base *bhel- (1) "to shine, flash, gleam;" see bleach). Cf., from the same root, Skt. bhalam "brightness, forehead," Gk. phalos "white," L. fulcia "coot" (so called for the white patch on its head), Alb. bale "forehead." Bald eagle first attested 1680s.

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