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Similar Words: bananaquit, Bananalanders, Bananalander, Bananaland, banana splits, banana split, banana solution, banana skins, banana skin

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Word Example of - banana

Example Sentences for banana

He ignored the ring of hostile faces about him and calmly bit into the banana.

Let go my hand and give me a banana or else I'll give you a hard, hard blow with my other hand.

While he was eating the banana, I took the gorilla from the cage and set him on the ground by it.

In the banana grove Cyril fled from tree to tree, crying dismally.

He gave them some roasted bananas and a gourd containing a sweetish drink made from the banana.

The banana is the food-stuff upon which many millions of people must depend.

He snatched the banana back from Alan and ripped back the rind with three rough snaps of his wrist.

Then, also, he had seen that there was just one banana tree, with no other anywhere near it.

A dress made from banana skins is now being exhibited in London.

At his third banana, the man with the nose glasses spat it from him with a shudder.

Word Origin & History of - banana

    Word Origin & History

    banana 1590s, borrowed by Sp. or Port. from a W. African word, possibly Wolof banana. The plant introduced to the New World from Africa, 1516. Top banana, second banana, etc. are 1950s, from show business slang use of banana for "comedian, especially in a burlesque show." Banana split first attested 1920. Banana oil "nonsense" is slang from c.1910.

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The Definition of - banana (noun)

    a tropical plant of the genus Musa, certain species of which are cultivated for their nutritious fruit.
    Compare banana family.
    the fruit, especially that of M. paradisiaca, with yellow or reddish rind.