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Similar Words: barberville, barberton, barbershops, barbershop quartets, barbershop quartet, barbershop, barbers-itch, barbers itch, barbers

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Word Example of - barber

Example Sentences for barber

Shortly after leaving the station they entered a barber's shop.

"And I don't wear it ever again," he declared, looking down at Barber.

Arkwright invented the spinning machines, while a barber's apprentice.

Barber closed the hall door at his back—gently, so as not to waken his father.

He went out of the shop without having his hair cut, with several more men—and that was all the barber knew.

Out of it she took a twenty-five-cent piece and offered the coin to Barber.

Then I thought "what kind of a country have I come to, barber and plasterer the same person."

But Barber had known better, and contradicted her violently.

"Telepathy——" Barber stared at the six little animals, who stared back with their fascinated curiosity undiminished.

But when Barber was away, the gloomiest hours passed happily enough.

Word Origin & History of - barber

    Word Origin & History

    barber early 14c., from Anglo-Fr. barbour (attested as a surname from 1221), from O.Fr. barbeor, barbieor (Mod.Fr. barbier, which has a more restricted sense than the English word), from V.L. *barbatorem, from L. barba "beard." Originally also regular practitioners of surgery and dentistry, they were restricted to haircutting and dentistry under Henry VIII. Barber-shop is from 1570s; in reference to close harmony male vocal quartets, it is attested from 1910.

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The Definition of - barber (noun)

    a person whose occupation it is to cut and dress the hair of customers, especially men, and to shave or trim the beard.
    verb (used with object)
    to trim or dress the hair or beard of.