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Word Example of - bat

Example Sentences for bat

The next ball was far out and the boy at bat made no offer at it.

Stephen said “Thank you,” and went off to deliver up the bat.

The Weasel had to admit that the Bat was not a Mouse, so he let him go.

When touched it utters a plaintive cry, like that of a bat or mouse.

Marks and his crew were creatures of a nightmare, gone in the daylight, hung up in the dark hollow of some oak tree with the bat.

Instinctively I caught the weapon as if it had been a ball hot off the bat.

Mollocher, the first Cub at bat, let a speeder go past because it was a trifle wide.

But he was no outfielder as Ikey was; he picked them off the bat.

“That other sloop is coming up fast,” announced Bat Sedley, not a great while later.

“For that matter, Robbie himself might go in behind the bat,” grinned Joe.

Word Origin & History of - bat

    Word Origin & History

    bat "a stick, a club," O.E. *batt "cudgel," perhaps from Celtic (cf. Ir. and Gael. bat, bata "staff, cudgel"), infl. by O.Fr. batte, from L.L. battre "beat;" all from PIE base *bhat- "to strike." As a kind of paddle used to play cricket, it is attested from 1706.

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