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Word Example of - bean

Example Sentences for bean

Dan, nearly ten, and fast growing into a bean pole, was considered old beyond his years.

At the bean dish, he covered the long blade with a ruddy heap.

A cloud of the perfume of a West Indian bean went up from it, sweet and warm.

Dont put your elbows on the table, or belch as if you had a bean in your throat.

After all, when Bunthorne asked for a not-too-French French bean he showed more commonsense than he intended.

It was the Tonquin bean which had made the dress smell so pleasantly.

Coffee loses weight during the roasting process, the loss varying according to the degree of roasting and the nature of the bean.

Having played his "bean" for some moments he takes up the box.

It is necessary to have half a dozen soft yarn balls or indoor baseballs or bean bags for this game.

He plays the "bean" and takes away the cloth when the heap is found to be as before.

Word Origin & History of - bean

    Word Origin & History

    bean O.E. bean "bean, pea, legume," from P.Gmc. *bauno (cf. O.N. baun, Ger. bohne), perhaps from a PIE reduplicated base *bha-bha- and related to L. faba "bean." As a metaphor for "something of small value" it is attested from c.1300. Meaning "head" is U.S. baseball slang c.1905 (in bean-ball "a pitch thrown at the head"); thus slang verb bean meaning "to hit on the head," attested from 1910. Slang bean-counter is first recorded 1975. The notion of lucky or magic beans in English folklore is from the exotic beans or large seeds that wash up occasionally in Cornwall and western Scotland, carried ...from the Caribbean or South America by the Gulf Stream. They were cherished, believed to ward off the evil eye and aid in childbirth. To not know beans (Amer.Eng. 1933) is perhaps from the "of little worth" sense, but may have a connection to colloquial expression recorded around Somerset, to know how many beans make five "be a clever fellow."

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