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Word Example of - bear

Example Sentences for bear

Let the waters of the Danube bear him past the castle of his lady.

If, by any imprudence of my own, I have brought blame upon myself, I must bear it.

I waited on tenterhooks; then I could bear the suspense no longer.'

Hope also brought the whole power of his will to bear upon his circumstances.

By the Bear, Simwa, I do not know how it is you persuade the gods to be always on your side.

She cannot bear that opening of the sluices, which is a benefit and comfort to some people.

She could not bear to be so cruel; she could not bear to have him suffer.

I have injured, cruelly injured myself; and I must bear with myself.

Jack had waited until the bear turned, so as to expose his side.

I do not ask you whether you can bear these things, for I know you can.

Word Origin & History of - bear

    Word Origin & History

    bear O.E. beran "to bear, bring; bring forth, produce; to endure, sustain; to wear" (class IV strong verb; past tense bær, pp. boren), from P.Gmc. *beranan (cf. O.H.G. beran, Ger. gebären, O.N. bera, Goth. bairan "to carry, bear, give birth to"), from PIE root *bher- (1) meaning both "give birth" (though only English and German strongly retain this sense, and Russian has beremennaya "pregnant") and "carry a burden, bring" (see infer). Ball bearings "bear" the friction. Many senses are from notion of "move onward by pressure." O.E. past tense bær became M.E. bare; alternative bore ...began to appear c.1400, but bare remained the literary form till after 1600. Past participle distinction of borne for "carried" and born for "given birth" is 1775. To bear (something) in mind is from 1530s.

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