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Word Example of - beast

Example Sentences for beast

If thou fall, thou wilt merely swell the triumph of the 'Beast.'

He urged the beast to full speed, forcing the animal to the top of the wall and over.

"Give your beast these," said the Emperor, handing the keeper several of the figs.

The stone struck the beast on the skull and knocked him over dead.

But Baboo Dass swore he had seen a beast with his hands on the window.

When the skin was off the beast he folded it up and stuck it in his belt.

The sun was in his eyes, so that as yet he could not make out whether it was man or beast.

She was on her knees, wrapping in a beast's skin two pieces of a broken sword.

Every night he throws off his beast shape and becomes a man, for he is under the spell of a wicked fairy.

He struck mightily under the shoulder and toward the heart of the beast.

Word Origin & History of - beast

    Word Origin & History

    beast early 13c., from O.Fr. beste (11c., Mod.Fr. bête) "animal, wild beast," figuratively "fool, idiot;" from L. bestia "beast, wild animal," of unknown origin. replacing O.E. deor (see deer) as the generic word for "wild creature," only to be ousted 16c. by animal.

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