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Word Example of - bee

Example Sentences for bee

With them we sometimes find the lawful owner, the grub-worm of the Bee, but stunted and thin with fasting.

But the bee said, “No, I must not be idle; I must go and gather honey.”

In experiments carried out on animals this immunity to bee poison has been also induced by repeated application of the irritant.

When is the pollen gathered by the bee and kneaded into the pellet-like mass?

The bee possesses a thousand poetical associations derived from our early conversancy with the Georgics.

History of the bee plain proof of the wisdom of the Creator.

Bee knew from his grave manner that something was wrong, and all through the meal she cast apprehensive glances in his direction.

Common hives give no facility for learning the bee's habits.

Lovers of nature and the out-of-doors were attracted by the study of bee life, and early beekeepers were invariably bee lovers.

"No, for the comb of the honey is pure wax," the Queen Bee replied.

Word Origin & History of - bee

    Word Origin & History

    bee O.E. beo, from P.Gmc. *bion (cf. O.N. by, O.H.G. bia, M.Du. bie), possibly from PIE base *bhi- "quiver." Used metaphorically for "busy worker" since 1530s. Sense of "meeting of neighbors to unite their labor for the benefit of one of their number," 1769, Amer.Eng., is from comparison to the social activity of the insect; this was extended to other senses (e.g. spelling bee, first attested 1809).

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