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Word Example of - bell

Example Sentences for bell

I rushed to him, and he took me by the hand as he rang the bell.

"Thanks," shouted Washburn, as he rang the bell to go ahead.

That bell will ring until the ship is destroyed, he thought wildly.

I rang the bell to reduce the speed, as I pointed out the spot to the mate.

She spoke swiftly, in a voice clear-toned and silvery as a bell.

They are more terrified with some others than with this bell.

"Perhaps you'd like some water," said Varbarriere, rising and approaching the bell.

Miss Junk appeared in answer to the tinkle of the bell and removed the food.

As Vanderlyn rang the bell, the odd name gleamed at him in the gas-light.

"You had better not ring that bell, yet," he said, with forced quiet in his tones.

Word Origin & History of - bell

    Word Origin & History

    bell O.E. belle, common North Sea Gmc. (cf. M.Du. belle, M.L.G. belle) but not found elsewhere in Gmc. (except as a borrowing), from PIE base *bhel- "to sound, roar." Statistical bell curve was coined 1870s in French. Bell, book, and candle is a reference to a form of excommunication. To ring a bell "awaken a memory," 1934, is perhaps a reference to Pavlovian experiments.

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