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Word Example of - belt

Example Sentences for belt

Each battery was driven separately by a belt from the main shaft.

Taking a key from his belt, he unlocked the chest and raised its lid.

There was an empty pistol in my belt, and I flung it at him with all the force of my arm.

No younger member of any of our noble families has ever been allowed the coronet or the belt.

Presently the supposed Indian drew from his belt a pouch of tobacco and some cigarette papers, and proceeded to roll a cigarette.

With an awl that he took from his belt Brock pierced Loki's lips.

The whole outfit would have been dear at five shillings, or seven-and-six with the belt thrown in.

"I will give it," said Frey, loosening his magic sword from his belt.

This cloud-ring shields the belt of calms from the burning rays of the sun and sends down almost incessant rains.

"Here is a whetstone," said the Wanderer, and he took one from his belt.

Word Origin & History of - belt

    Word Origin & History of - belt

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