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Word Example of - benefit

Example Sentences for benefit

Why could she not have known that her music-scholar was to disappoint her, and so had the benefit of a ride?

She cannot bear that opening of the sluices, which is a benefit and comfort to some people.

Prayer is not intended to inform God, but to benefit ourselves.

Would it have been for his benefit to believe in her, and was her fault only that I had forsaken her?

She raised her voice a little, obviously for the benefit of whoever was there.

The most numerous are the labourers, who have to toil for the benefit of the community.

Is the happiness of two people to be thus sacrificed, when nothing is done for the benefit of one?

He speaks of the benefit of joinder as derived from the persona of the grantor.

Let us explain the advantage of this for the benefit of the non-military reader.

However, it wasn't for your benefit that I sent word for you to be here this morning.

Word Origin & History of - benefit

    Word Origin & History

    benefit late 14c., "good or noble deed," also "advantage, profit," from Anglo-Fr. benfet "well-done," from L. benefactum "good deed" (see benefactor). Meaning "performance or entertainment to raise money for some charitable cause" is from 1680s. The verb is attested from 1540s.

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