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Similar Words: billboarding, billboarded

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Word Example of - billboard

Example Sentences for billboard

The board bill bored Bill so that Bill sold the billboard to pay board bill.

On every billboard and in all the newspapers were to be seen appeals to save food.

Does not this kind of billboard stir the blood in these languid days of spring?

It would be a change to see someone on a billboard with his mouth shut.

If your town has not yet taken action against the billboard nuisance it is time that it did.

You'd better go to the end of the billboard, Carl, and watch the street.

At the entrance to Golden Gate Park stands a billboard, twenty feet high and a hundred feet long.

In front of the billboard he was stopped by Matt, Ferral and some one else.

On a gay cover was the picture of another blonde—a sister, maybe, of the lady of the billboard.

The billboard is covered with legal notices and court decisions.

Word Origin & History of - billboard

    Word Origin & History

    billboard 1851, Amer.Eng., from bill (1) + board. Any sort of board where bills were meant to be posted.

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The Definition of - billboard (noun)

    a flat surface or board, usually outdoors, on which large advertisements or notices are posted.
    verb (used with object)
    to place, advertise, proclaim, etc., on or as if on a billboard:
    The movie was billboarded as the year's biggest hit.