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Word Example of - blacksmith

Example Sentences for blacksmith

I need a blacksmith, and if I can't get a real one I'll put up with an imitation.

At Las Tablas he forced a Mexican blacksmith to free him of his irons.

That's broken (as one of the teams stopped); have to send to blacksmith.

It's just beyond the blacksmith's shop after you cross the bridge.

I got the blacksmith over at headquarters company workin on it now.

He was the blacksmith god, the god of fire, and a worker in metals.

That's my trade, blacksmith, an' I'm a good one if I do say it.

Presently, he asked the coachman if there were any blacksmith near at hand.

The blacksmith shop lies on the south side of the western entrance.

We had to send off young Hopkins in the donkey-cart for the blacksmith.

Word Origin & History of - blacksmith

    Word Origin & History

    blacksmith late 15c., from black + smith. Listed in royal ordinance (along with bladesmiths, spurriers and goldbeaters). Those who work in heated, heavy metals as opposed to those who beat gold, tin, or pewter (whitesmith).

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