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Word Example of - blood

Example Sentences for blood

Yes, I had it in the blood, on account of my grandfather, I suppose.

If you touch the leaves, they escape; but when crushed no blood comes from them.

The blood had flown violently to his neck, which was burning him.

They are callous to the sight of blood and suffering and come to positively 182enjoy it.

The blood, which was running down his leg, made a little pool at his feet.

The lust of blood is a frightful demon when once it is aroused.

The Jews answered, 'His blood be on us and on our children.'

The custom of blood revenge was a protection to all who were in a group of kinsmen.

From one wound in the wrist the blood spurted with each beat of the pulse.

One's mother's brother is not in one's kin, and there is no duty of blood revenge for him.

Word Origin & History of - blood

    Word Origin & History

    blood O.E. blod, from P.Gmc. *blodam (cf. O.Fris. blod, O.N. bloð, M.Du. bloet, O.H.G. bluot, Ger. Blut, Goth. bloþ), from PIE *bhlo-to-, perhaps meaning "to swell, gush, spurt," or "that which bursts out" (cf. Goth. bloþ "blood," bloma "flower"), in which case it wo7uld be from suffixed form of *bhle-, extended form of *bhel- "to thrive, bloom" (see bole). There seems to have been an avoidance in Germanic, perhaps from taboo, of other PIE words for "blood," such as *esen- (cf. poetic Gk. ear, O.Latin aser, Skt. asrk, Hittite eshar); also *krew-, which seems to have had a sense ...of "blood outside the body, gore from a wound" (cf. L. cruour "blood from a wound," Gk. kreas "meat"), which came to mean simply "blood" in the Balto-Slavic group and some other languages. Inheritance and relationship senses (also found in L. sanguis, Gk. haima) emerged in English by mid-13c. As the seat of passions, it is recorded from c.1300. Slang meaning "hot spark, a man of fire" [Johnson] is from 1560s. Blood money is from 1530s.

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