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Word Example of - bone

Example Sentences for bone

Summer had come upon Vitry-sur-Marne and parched it to the bone.

Thor examined the leg and found out that one bone was broken.

Ivory Black is made from ivory and bone charred to blackness.

I had on thick boots, but it cut through my right boot deep into the bone.

He had all the earmarks of what is called a brave man, who could probably say with a bullet lodged in the bone: "It's the job."

The blood of my fathers was going on in a new house of flesh and bone!

Bones of lamb should be small; end of bone in leg of lamb should be serrated; flesh pink, and fat white.

"From the bottle, sir," she answered, darting the bone implements in and out.

Though the whole of the flesh was to be consumed, yet not a bone was to be injured.

Bone and flake cold fish; season with salt and cayenne pepper.

Word Origin & History of - bone

    Word Origin & History

    bone O.E. ban "bone, tusk," from P.Gmc. *bainam (cf. O.Fris. ben, O.N. bein, Dan. ben, Ger. Bein). No cognates outside Germanic (the common PIE root is *os-; see osseous); the O.N., Du., and Ger. cognates also mean "shank of the leg," and this is the main meaning in Mod.Ger., but English never seems to have had this sense.

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