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Word Example of - bottle

Example Sentences for bottle

Robin looked and listened till the pie was all gone and the bottle empty.

The colonel smiled again and lifted a bottle towards the other.

It was something to swagger about when they were together after their second bottle of claret.

He softened, and said make it a bottle of champagne and he was agreeable.

He grinned foolishly, and drank the remaining liquor from the bottle.

Preserve in a bottle, and when needed, dilute in a tumbler of ice water.

The story—of treason and a bottle—which had imposed on his colleagues might not move her much.

However, Stansfield has to bottle up his feelings, and, behold!

Then bottle it up close; you must be sure not to let it stand at all in Brass.

I will carry the key, my eldest sister can take the light, while the other brings the bottle.'

Word Origin & History of - bottle

    Word Origin & History

    bottle mid-14c., originally of leather, from O.Fr. boteille (12c., Mod.Fr. bouteille), from V.L. butticula, dim. of L.L. buttis "a cask," which is perhaps from Gk. The bottle, figurative for "liquor," is from 17c. The verb is first recorded 1640s. Related: Bottled; bottling.

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