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Word Example of - bowl

Example Sentences for bowl

The silver is apparently precipitated by the copper of the bowl.

It consisted of a bowl of potatoes, salt, the loaf and butter, and a pitcher of water.

He wiped his razor at last, poured some water in a bowl and doused his face.

He judged that the swamp was the bowl into which all these rivulets emptied.

Behind him loomed a bowl of goldfish, who swam round and round, gaping at the guests.

Thomas will bowl to him, Archie will keep wicket, and I shall field.

Here was cranberry sauce, not in a bowl, but moulded in the wheat-sheaf mould, and glowing like the Great Carbuncle.

He rose, took a red peat from the hearth, and pressed it into the bowl of the pipe.

He squeezed the side of the bowl and puffed as the tobacco glowed.

Watch for the men who pause to hurl their spears, and do your best to bowl them over.

Word Origin & History of - bowl

    Word Origin & History

    bowl O.E. bolla "pot, cup, bowl," from P.Gmc. *bul- "a round vessel" (cf. O.N. bolle, O.H.G. bolla), from PIE *bhl-, from base *bhel- (2) "to blow, swell" (see bole).

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