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Word Example of - box


Example Sentences for box

“Here they are,” said the woman, taking some pieces of work from a box.

“I wish I had my box,” said John, who had been watching the running water.

I have wasted all afternoon in looking at a box of novels from Melland's.

There was a knock on the door of the box, and an attendant put in his head.

I may fall down in the World Series and be batted out of the box.

The Giant took him and shut him in a box till he would speak.

She laid aside her bonnet and shawl, and pointed to a box of cigars on the table.

He shut him up in a box and carried him home to the children for supper.

We have been busy renewing the Box edgings to our flower-beds where it was required.

"You can each of you have a handful," said aunt Madge, reaching down the box.

Word Origin & History of - box

    Word Origin & History

    box O.E. box "a wooden container," also "type of shrub," from L.L. buxis, from Gk. pyxis "boxwood box," from pyxos "box tree," of uncertain origin. Ger. Büchse also is a Latin loan word. Slang meaning "vulva" is attested 17c., according to "Dictionary of American Slang;" modern use seems to date from c.WWII, perhaps originally Australian, and on notion of "box of tricks." Boxy is attested from 1861. Box office is 1786; in the figurative sense of "financial element of a performance" it is first recorded 1904.

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