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Word Example of - boy

Example Sentences for boy

The boy laid the poster on the table where she could read it again, word for word.

He was as interested in details of the life on the Project as a boy of fifteen.

I read Astounding Stories all the time, although I'm just a boy.

But it proved to be only a boy, and he hailed them and then disappeared.

They were out to try a new experience, and one that appealed to every boy in the bunch.

It appeared that he had followed the officers, but had some difficulty in finding "his boy."

He does not feel like saying "Viva" to or of the girl who has so misjudged his boy.

No boy in my house shall insult my wife, or raise his hand against her.

Then the boy relinquishes his intention and agrees to stay at home.

This was one of my accomplishments as a boy, and I enjoyed the practice.

Word Origin & History of - boy

    Word Origin & History

    boy mid-12c., boie "servant, commoner, knave, boy," possibly from O.Fr. embuie "one fettered," from V.L. *imboiare, from L. boia "leg iron, yoke, leather collar," from Gk. boeiai dorai "ox hides." But it also appears to be identical with E.Fris. boi "young gentleman," and perhaps with Du. boef "knave," from M.Du. boeve, perhaps from M.L.G. buobe. This suggests a gradational relationship to babe. Used slightingly of young men in M.E.; meaning "male negro slave or Asian personal servant of any age" attested from c.1600. (Words for "boy" double as "servant, attendant" across the I.E. map -- e.g. It. ...ragazzo, Fr. garçon, M.E. knave, O.C.S. otroku -- and often it is difficult to say which meaning came first.) Amer.Eng. expression oh, boy attested from 1917.

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