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Similar Words: brandyn, brandyman, brandying, brandyball, brandy-pawnee, brandy-faced, brandy-burnt, brandy-bottle, brandy-balls

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Word Example of - brand

Example Sentences for brand

Brand awoke from a hideous nightmare, sat up on a rude horsehair couch, and held his head with both hands.

"The rest of it is brand new enough without that," blurted her father.

There are many, however, having his brand that are scarcely fit to be called Violins, so inferior is the work and wood.

The brand was made with an iron, and it could be changed with an iron.

He could shoot with the best, but his one pride was the brand of poker he handed out.

A brand was faint and not legible, and they put their own iron over it.

The long list of proposed experiments dwindled and it became obvious that they were starting to work on brand new ideas.

Roosevelt exclaimed an instant later, "you are putting on my brand."

You passed me on the brand of a crime I never committed, said Witham grimly.

Germany doesn't want it, our brand, and we can't force it on her.

Word Origin & History of - brand

    Word Origin & History

    brand O.E. brand, brond "fire, flame; firebrand, piece of burning wood, torch," and (poetic) "sword," from P.Gmc. *brandaz (cf. O.N. brandr, O.H.G. brant, O.Fris. brond "firebrand, blade of a sword," Ger. brand "fire"), from base *bran-/*bren- (see burn). Meaning of "identifying mark made by a hot iron" (1550s) broadened 1827 to "a particular make of goods." Brand name is from 1922. As a verb, brand is attested from c.1400. Related: Branded; branding.

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The Definition of - brand (noun)

    kind, grade, or make, as indicated by a stamp, trademark, or the like:
    the best brand of coffee.
    a mark made by burning or otherwise, to indicate kind, grade, make, ownership, etc.
    a mark formerly put upon criminals with a hot iron.
    any mark of disgrace; stigma.
    a kind or variety of something distinguished by some distinctive characteristic:
    The movie was filled with slapstick—a brand of humor he did not find funny.
    a burning or partly burned piece of wood.
    Archaic. a sword.
    verb (used with object)
    to label or mark with or as if with a brand.
    to mark with disgrace or infamy; stigmatize.
    to impress indelibly:
    The plane crash was branded on her mind.
    to give a brand name to:
    branded merchandise.
    to promote as a brand name.