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Word Example of - breast

Example Sentences for breast

In his violence Philip tore at his breast, and dragged something from beneath his shirt.

Cats never take the drumsticks when there is a breast, you are aware.

I had forgotten for an instant,' said she, dropping her head upon her breast.

Loki, who held to the spit that was fastened to the eagle's breast, was drawn up with him.

If a rogue holds a pistol to my breast, do I ask him who he is?

Suddenly he shook the spit from his breast and Loki fell down on the ice.

The boy felt as though he had received a blow on his breast.

And Odin, looking at Frigga, saw that a fear had entered her breast.

These breast muscles of the swallow must be large and strong.

Upon the head was a helmet and across the breast was a breastplate.

Word Origin & History of - breast

    Word Origin & History

    breast O.E. breost "breast, bosom; mind, thought, disposition," from P.Gmc. *breustam "breast" (cf. O.S. briost, O.Fris. briast, O.N. brjost, Du. borst, Ger. brust, Goth. brusts), perhaps lit. "swelling" and from PIE base *bhreus- "to swell, sprout" (cf. M.Ir. bruasach "having a broad, strong chest," O.Ir. bruinne "breast"). The spelling conforms to the Scottish and northern England dialectal pronunciation. Figurative sense of "seat of the emotions" was in O.E.

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