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Word Example of - broom

Example Sentences for broom

If I'd broken my broom over her back I wouldn't a cared so much.

She beat me with the broom, until Delecresse interfered and pulled her off.

She stopped suddenly and leaned on her broom, her face very serious.

The broom had swept from under the stove those lengths of clothesline.

I told the ranger about chasing the old beast around with a broom.

Snow White had picked up her broom again and was going to work.

Boil this peel half an hour in water, then shred it into fine even strips half an inch long, and not thicker than broom straw.

Does that man take the broom and sweep a little for the street-cleaner when he meets her?

He put down his broom while he knelt and applied one eye to one of the holes bored in the steps.

The brakeman returned with a broom, to sweep up the chips of broken bottle.

Word Origin & History of - broom

    Word Origin & History of - broom

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