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Word Example of - brother

Example Sentences for brother

She begged of him to command his brother Pluto to return her daughter to her.

“The reason why Rowland and I agree so well,” interrupted the brother.

Hugh Ritson stepped out of the moonlight and went behind his brother.

Frank was his younger and only brother, and the person in the world most deeply indebted to him.

He stared at her, as, brother like, he wiped the kiss from his lips.

Margaret glanced towards her brother, and they exchanged smiles.

He might be her equal some day, at present he was—her brother's guest and domestic.

You are very kind,” said Margaret; “but we are expecting my brother every moment.

It would not do for your brother to vanish from your house, alone and with no motive.

Margaret and her brother repaired in gay spirits to the water-side.

Word Origin & History of - brother

    Word Origin & History

    brother O.E. broþor, from P.Gmc. *brothar (cf. O.N. broðir, Dan. broder, O.Fris. brother, Du. broeder, Ger. Bruder, Goth. bróþar), from PIE base *bhrater (cf. Skt. bhrátár-, O.Pers. brata, Gk. phratér, L. frater, O.Ir. brathir, Welsh brawd, Lith. broterelis, O.Prus. brati, O.C.S. bratru, Czech brotr "brother"). As a familiar term of address from one man to another, it is attested from 1912 in U.S. slang; the specific use among blacks is recorded from 1973.

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