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Word Example of - brother in law

Example Sentences for brother-in-law

It is undoubtedly my brother-in-law's last will and testament, and, as far as I can see at a glance, it is altogether regular.

One winter day Boone and his brother-in-law were captured by Indians.

In three nights he promoted the Count of Vendome from a fresh acquaintance to a schoolmate, and then brother-in-law.

Her brother-in-law regarded her thoughtfully through his eye-glasses.

Do you mean my brother-in-law will refuse to help me if my daughter does not go to manage his house?

Uncle Charlie took his brother-in-law in the buggy, and they drove to the school.

But to a brother-in-law, his senior in age and experience—that would not be half so bad!

He does not mean to be over-cordial with his brother-in-law in the matter of hospitalities.

And what will he do with his sister and brother-in-law at Angouleme?

Markelov is Sipiagin's brother-in-law, his wife's brother, isn't that so?

Word Origin & History of - brother in law

    Word Origin & History of - brother-in-law

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