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Word Example of - bucket

Example Sentences for bucket

Young brought the bucket, and McCloud pointed to the caskful of brandy.

As in the case of Bucket, the effective armor of Cuff is flattery.

You descend in an express elevator car; in that bucket you just drop.

She said it gave her all the trouble in the world to lift a bucket.

"Then I will go alone," said the Harvester, picking up the bucket and starting.

It is a sort of balance, with a weight at one end and a cord and bucket at the other.

Using the methods it does, the "bucket shop" is twice dishonored.

Accordingly, a bucket was dipped into the river, and it served as a washing-basin.

The sharp ridge in the center provides for a deviation of the water jet as it flows on the bucket.

In addition to the bucket work there was 24 hours' labor cleaning on each 500-cu.

Word Origin & History of - bucket

    Word Origin & History

    bucket mid-13c., from Anglo-Norm. buquet "bucket, pail," influenced by or dim. of O.E. buc "pitcher, bulging vessel," originally "belly" (buckets were formerly of leather as well as wood), from P.Gmc. *bukaz, from PIE root *bhou-, variant of base *bheu- "to grow, swell." Kick the bucket (1785) perhaps is from unrelated O.Fr. buquet "balance," a beam from which slaughtered animals were hung; perhaps reinforced by the notion of suicide by hanging.

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