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Word Example of - bugle

Example Sentences for bugle

The Castle head vanished, and the sounds of the drum and bugle of the tattoo came down muffled, as if through layers of wool.

A trumpeter lifted his bugle and sounded a bar of the reveille.

Sam, openly defiant, announced that he did not believe his father capable of blowing a bugle.

Around the neck of a soldier he saw a cord to which hung a bugle.

William's bugle had just returned to public life after one of its periodic terms of retirement into his father's keeping.

One morning, passing through a field, I heard the sound of a bugle.

Orders were then given for an early move next morning, and at daylight the bugle sounded, and the army moved onwards.

At another blast of the bugle, the crews were seated with their oars still up.

At the same time a bugle, whether British or Boer will never be known, sounded the "cease fire" somewhere on the British left.

As soon as they had finished the colonel left them, and a bugle blew.

Word Origin & History of - bugle

    Word Origin & History

    bugle mid-14c., abbreviation of buglehorn "drinking horn, hunting horn" (c.1300), from O.Fr. bugle "wild ox, buffalo," from L. buculus "heifer, young ox," dim. of bos "ox, cow" (see cow).

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