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Similar Words: builtup area, builtup, builts, builtin, built-up areas, built-up area, built-up, built-in obsolescence, built-in

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Word Example of - built

Example Sentences for built

There were only three houses of a more pretentious sort, built of wood.

He saw the far road that he had built, winding into the dim mountains.

The hollow in the bottom of which Saint-Jory is built was changed into a lake.

By-the-bye, Mr Campbell, where have you built your pigsties?

We came to Little Falls and built this house we are now living in in 1854.

I showed Emily the place where Sim and I had built the raft.

These districts are built over an area averaging from 31 to 140 acres.

King's Chapel in Boston was built of stone broken in this way.

It is built on the highest point in the city and commands a wonderful view.

The little villages are white because many of the houses are built of marble.

Word Origin & History of - built

    Word Origin & History

    built pp. of build. Meaning "physically well-developed" is by 1940s (well-built in reference to a woman is from 1871); Built-in (adj.) is from 1898.


The Definition of - built (adjective)

    simple past tense and past participle of build.
    1. of sound or sturdy construction:
      These cars are really built.
    2. having a good physique or figure:
      That lifeguard is really built!
    Nautical. noting any member or part of a vessel assembled from pieces:
    built frame; built spar.