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Word Example of - butterfly

Example Sentences for butterfly

We cannot go back, any more than the butterfly can again become a larva.

She glided over and kissed me on the cheek, once, like a butterfly alighting.

And he put out his hand to catch the fairy as a child might grasp at a butterfly.

A flower to her meant a hot-house rose; a bird was a bird; a butterfly was a butterfly.

Freyja, the northern goddess, appears to have had a butterfly avatar.

He saw the butterfly, startled from its feast, rise and waver away.

This friendship put the finishing touch upon the Butterfly Man's repute.

Away flew the Butterfly to his wife, who was crying, 'I dare you to do it!

"This seems to be a Butterfly dinner to judge from the decorations," he observed with some anxiety in his manner.

Somehow the butterfly and the mannikins had got into the book that Paulina was reading to Peter.

Word Origin & History of - butterfly

    Word Origin & History of - butterfly

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