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Word Example of - button

Example Sentences for button

He aimed the knob at some rocks a few yards away and pressed the button.

When her dollar gloves were shabby and would not button at the wrist?

He will prolong your life and loosen every button on your waistcoat.

He touched a button and a music-box in the dragon's head began to play a tune.

Why its Mr. Button and Mr. Sanders, exclaimed Grant in surprise.

He cleared his throat and spun around, to punch the button on his desk.

But she did not (so he maintained) care a button for Prescott, and Prescott would not believe it.

It was just as though some one had touched a button and had started him going.

Should a garment need repairing of any kind or a button sewed on, do it and charge accordingly.

Took his finger off the button and there we were: Alpha Centauri.

Word Origin & History of - button

    Word Origin & History

    button mid-13c. (implied in botouner "button-maker"), from O.Fr. boton (Fr. bouton) "a button, bud" (12c.), from bouter, boter "to thrust" (see butt (v.)). Thus a button is, etymologically, something that pushes up, or thrusts out. The verb is late 14c.

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