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Word Example of - candle

Example Sentences for candle

She flew out of the bed, ran to the fire, and lighted a candle.

On these strips the bottles, some large and some small, were to be placed, each with a candle in it.

No sooner had we lain down and the candle was out, than the trouble began.

Here comes a candle to light you to bed,And here comes a chopper to chop off your head.

Rudolph's candle also is blown out, as he hastens to relight hers.

Will you give me a little piece of candle, too, if you please?

This lit, I could set my candle down, and yet see plainly enough to work.

What did you want of the candle, then, if you didn't steal the money?

At length the candle was brought by the man in the fustian coat.

I wanted it to grease the saw-mill, and the candle lies on a rock by the brook now.

Word Origin & History of - candle

    Word Origin & History

    candle O.E. candel "lamp, lantern, candle," an early ecclesiastical borrowing from L. candela "a light, torch, candle made of tallow or wax," from candere "to shine," from PIE base *kand- "to glow, to shine, to shoot out light" (cf. Skt. cand- "to give light, shine," candra- "shining, glowing, moon;" Gk. kandaros "coal;" Welsh cann "white;" M.Ir. condud "fuel"). Candles were unknown in ancient Greece (where oil lamps sufficed), but common from early times among Romans and Etruscans. Candles on birthday cakes seems to have been originally a German custom. To hold a candle to originally meant "to in a subordinate capacity." To burn the candle at both ends is recorded from 1730.

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