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Word Example of - cap

Example Sentences for cap

Bless my night cap, I promised my wife I'd be home early to-night, too!

He took off his cap, and bowed as gracefully as a dancing-master to the assembly.

Kingsley was just lifting up the cap, which he had worn that night, from the table to his brows.

But I pulled my cap down over my eyes and buttoned up my pea-jacket.

Cuba seems formed to become the very button on Fortune's cap.

The next day Cap Smith came over and bid him to the fraternity.

Only the Cap is in the block, old man Mitchell, in charge of this wing.

"Cap isn't going to lead with Miss Martin, after all," said he.

As she came up to the wind, the fore-topmast went over to leeward, being carried away at the cap.

This was the point for which the jilted man had come into Cap's room.

Word Origin & History of - cap

    Word Origin & History of - cap

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