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Word Example of - carpenter

Example Sentences for carpenter

He was a carpenter, and thought he stood for the whole Federation of Labor.

The gunner and carpenter joined the same day he got his warrant.

I have been a carpenter all my life—ever since I was about sixteen years old.

Dock Vincent was in the next room, apparently as busy as the carpenter's son.

I—did carpenter work as well as sandblasted the outside of the building.

The carpenter reported that the effect was to spring a leak forward.

Then there was the farmhouse; and then a carpenter came, and a wheeler.

"My father never was in the Tombs if he is a carpenter," growled Sandy.

I have closely overhauled the little theatre, and the carpenter and painter.

"Musa the carpenter will appear on tomorrow's tomorrow," he said.

Word Origin & History of - carpenter

    Word Origin & History

    carpenter early 14c. (attested from 1121 as a surname), from O.N.Fr. carpentier (O.Fr. charpentier), from L.L. (artifex) carpentarius "wagon (maker)," from L. carpentum "two-wheeled carriage, cart," from Gaul., from O.Celt. *carpentom (cf. O.Ir. carpat, Gael. carbad "carriage"), probably related to Gaul. karros (see car). Replaced O.E. treowwyrhta. First record of carpenter bee is from 1844.

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