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Word Example of - carrot

Example Sentences for carrot

If too white, put in a little of the juice of carrot to give it a yellow hue.

It snapped like a carrot about forty inches from the ground.

Small Potatoes, roughly hollowed out, or pieces of Carrot, may be used as traps for wireworm and other vermin.

Widely, eagerly, he opened his mouth, to close his teeth upon—a carrot.

Put strings through the upper rim, fill the carrot cup with water, and hang it up in a sunny window.

Tum Tum took one little bite, holding the carrot in his trunk.

The edible part of this plant is the root, which somewhat resembles the carrot and is used in the same manner.

Celery and onion are better than turnip and carrot with veal.

Parsley round a carrot root is a modern symbol, and the violet is as good an emblem of the lingam as the modern pistol.

Take one of my little frog attendants and set her on the carrot.

Word Origin & History of - carrot

    Word Origin & History

    carrot 1533, from M.Fr. carrotte, from L. carota, from Gk. karoton "carrot," from PIE *kre-, from base *ker- "horn, head," so called for its horn-like shape. Planted as a garden vegetable by 1609 by Jamestown colonists.

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