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Word Example of - cavity

Example Sentences for cavity

Place the mineral in the cavity with a little of carbonate of soda, and blow upon it with the inner or oxidizing flame.

The ovule or egg is now in the cavity of the womb where we will leave it for the present.

The torch, which had been replaced in its cavity in the pavement, had just been extinguished.

Then into the cavity he hurriedly thrust the broken rings and pendants.

A push upon a great boulder hard by—it fell upon the cavity with a crash, and all hope of egress was barred.

If only the cavity of the thorax is hydropic, the pulse is not quick nor irregular.

Just think for a moment what it would mean to find a live toad within a cavity in a solid rock.

Jaundice, and dropsy of the belly and limbs, and finally of every cavity in the body.

These fishes generally have an air-bladder, and the gills lie close together in a cavity covered by an operculum.

In this cavity we will hide the charter, and none but you and I will know where it is.

Word Origin & History of - cavity

    Word Origin & History

    cavity 1540s, from M.Fr. cavité, from L.L. cavitas "hollowness," from L. cavus "hollow" (see cave).

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