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Word Example of - centipedes

Example Sentences for centipedes

Centipedes:Allothereua maculata (circumstantial evidence), p. 223.

But anyway, where it was hot, and there were a lot of natives and snakes and centipedes.

"You talk as if we were centipedes," said Bess, releasing Nan's foot and sitting up grumpily in the berth.

We saw, indeed, some centipedes, and killed several rattlesnakes.

A class of Arthropoda comprising the Centipedes and their allies, characterised by their numerous feet.

The centipedes of the Chicago area with special reference to their ecology.

The only thing Tom feared on any number of legs, from centipedes to men, was Stumpy.

On 266 land were spiders, scorpions, some of gigantic size, and centipedes.

There the mosquito revelled, and it was a promising place for centipedes.

I had been threatened with centipedes and scorpions in my bedroom.

Word Origin & History of - centipedes

    Word Origin & History

    centipede 1646, from L. centipeda, from centum "hundred" + pedis, gen. of pes "foot" (see foot).

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