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Word Example of - cheek

Example Sentences for cheek

Mildred's cheek burnt, and she suddenly thought of what the town would say.

As she thought what she was and what she had been doing, a blush of shame suffused her cheek.

There was a heightened colour in her cheek, and he at once guessed the truth.

She has not brought to her own, or any other cheek, a blush of genuine shame.

A lady came to the Consumptive's Home with a cancer in the cheek, which had attained the size of a filbert.

Her cheek was pale, though her eager look about lent a light to her face.

It landed with only the weight of gravity, brushing his cheek, then dropping across his shoulder and down his back.

On the road his eyes often glittered, and his cheek flushed with expectation.

Her garb was rustic, and her cheek pale; but there was an air of dignity and beauty, that hardly permitted the sentiment of pity.

Mashurina rested her cheek in her hand and for a long, long time did not speak.

Word Origin & History of - cheek

    Word Origin & History

    cheek O.E. ceace, cece "jaw, jawbone," also "the fleshy wall of the mouth," from W.Gmc. *kaukon, not found outside W.Gmc. Sense of "insolence" is from 1840. Cheeks "the buttocks" is from c.1600. To turn the other cheek is an allusion to Matt. v.39 and Luke vi.29.

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