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Similar Words: chieftess, chieftainships, chieftainship, chieftains, chieftainry, chieftainries, chieftainesses, chieftainess, chieftaincy

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Word Example of - chief

Example Sentences for chief

He felt that he had been used unjustly; after all, he was not a wizard—what did the Chief expect!

All hands were on the forecastle except the chief engineer and Landy Perkins.

The chief rose, and in a few very appropriate words bade the strangers welcome to his country.

From the moment that she did this, it became her chief trouble that Philip was blamed by others.

First I went to the western end where the chief's son stood.

Say, chief, how many of these things were kicking around on this unlucky planet?

Escobar, like so many of the chief Jesuit writers, was a Spaniard, born at Valladolid in 1589.

I think the chief wants to meet you, to discover just the kind of person you are.

I say to the chief and people, How can Basutoland belong to Basutos?

If there was any trouble, the chief engineer was close at hand.

Word Origin & History of - chief

    Word Origin & History

    chief c.1300 (n. and adj.), from O.Fr. chief "leader, ruler, head" (of something), from L.L. capum, from L. caput "head" (see head).

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The Definition of - chief (noun)

    the head or leader of an organized body of people; the person highest in authority:
    the chief of police.
    the head or ruler of a tribe or clan:
    an Indian chief.
    (initial capital letter) U.S. Army. a title of some advisers to the Chief of Staff, who do not, in most instances, command the troop units of their arms or services:
    Chief of Engineers; Chief Signal Officer.
    Informal. boss or leader:
    We'll have to talk to the chief about this.
    1. the upper area of an escutcheon.
    2. an ordinary occupying this area.
    highest in rank or authority:
    the chief priest; the chief administrator.
    most important; principal:
    his chief merit; the chief difficulty.
    Archaic. chiefly; principally.
    in chief,
    1. in the chief position; highest in rank (used in combination):
      editor in chief; commander in chief.
    2. Heraldry. in the upper part of an escutcheon.